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Welcome to Somerville Seedlings

Thank you for your interest in our bareroot Seedlings.

Our sales/pickup and delivery of bareroot seedlings will commence in the Spring of 2015.

Click to view our 2015 price list and order form.

Please call our Toll-Free number 1-877-708-7337 for details.



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Technical Notice - Please be advised that between Sept 3, 2014 - Oct 21, 2014 we experienced technical difficulties on our online order form that we were unaware of. If you submitted an order between that time please call us immediately for instructions.



Forests Ontario

Forests Ontario, with its partners, organizes and conducts a wide variety of public workshops, activities and initiatives throughout the year across the province of Ontario. For more details click here.



  Promotional Seedlings   


Somerville Seedlings offers 'PROMOTIONAL SEEDLINGS'. Click to see Promotional Seedling Flyer.

Ideal for Wedding favors, Earth Day Celebrations, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Celebrations of Life, Etc.

Packaged in a clear poly bag with an attractive ribbon (add your own personal gift tag).

Please call our Toll free number 1-877-708-7337 for more information and to order.

Other Products

TassuColTM   mulch mats

TUBEX  Tree Shelters

As a division of Somerville Nurseries Inc., we provide Native tree seedlings for Forestry, Conservation, Trees Ontario, Restoration and Windbreak Planting Programs grown from local seed sources. We supply ornamental tree seedlings to the Christmas tree and Nursery trades.

Our planting partners include your local Conservation Authority, Trees Ontario, forest management consultants, municipalities and private land owners.

This site provides information on the Company, species selection and an online order form.

We are members of Ontario Forestry Association, Forest Gene Conservation Association, Ontario Woodlot Association, Landscape Ontario, Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario / National Christmas Tree Association.