Presidents Message

A family owned business that began growing Christmas trees in the Simcoe and Dufferin Counties area in 1950. Knowing that quality-planting stock would be a key to our success, we started our own seedling nursery. For a number of years now, we have been sharing this success by selling quality seedlings and transplants to the Christmas tree and landscape trades.

Today Somerville Nurseries Inc. is the largest Christmas tree producer in Ontario as well as a major supplier of larger landscape nursery stock. In 1995, our company began preparing to become a major producer of conifer and deciduous seedlings and transplants for reforestation and conservation plantings. We are fortunate to have more than 80 hectares of rich, uniform sandy loam soil with almost unlimited water resource for irrigation.

We feel good about the progress we've made but are far from satisfied that the accomplishments to date are sufficient. Our carefully planned growth will continue. Our exceptional, knowledgeable staff bring continued, consistent expertise to all areas of the company, from growing the crop to delivering it to satisfied customers.

Please feel free to contact them with questions about our products. With a loyal and satisfied customer base and a competent and experienced staff, we know the future is bright for Somerville Seedlings, our customers and our employees. Best regards from the Somerville Family and the employees of Somerville Nurseries Inc.

Fred Somerville

Our Facility

The Burack farm is the main site of the seedling nursery production and is approximately 250 acres in size. This acreage is made up of over 40 fields ranging in size from 1 acre to 4 acres. Each field is divided up into 4 foot wide nursery beds that run the length of the field, with a 2 foot walkway alongside each 4 foot bed.

Above ground irrigation is used to keep trees fed with ample water, and help move fertilizers and other chemicals into the root zone. This system is extensive and consists of hundreds of sprinklers and thousands of linear feet of aluminum 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” pipe.

Water is pumped from an on-site pond which is continually recharged with water from the near-by Boyne River. The nursery renews its MOE Permit-To-Take-Water every 10 years.

Some fields have shade structures, similar to Ginseng production, that cover the entire field at a height of 9-10 feet. These are used for our high density seedbeds where sun-sensitive species such as spruce, cedar, fir and hemlock are reared from germination through to the end of their 2nd growing season.

Among the buildings used at the nursery are 2 large coolers for storing seedlings in the spring, a production barn for packaging seedlings and making wreaths/garlands in the fall, several storage buildings, a maintenance shop and a main office building.

Nursery production consists of various operations starting in late winter and running through to December. These activities include:
•  Seeding plan and seed stratification
•  Seedling lifting and shipping
•  Spring seeding
•  Spring transplanting (traditional bare-root and greenhouse plugs)
•  Culture of seedlings (ongoing) including nutrient management, integrated pest management, irrigation and heat/frost protection
•  Summer transplanting (traditional bare-root and greenhouse plugs)
•  Seed collection
•  Fall seeding
•  Fall lifting
•  Hardwood harvest/heel-in

Our Staff

Phone: 1-877-708-7337

Dave Harbec B.Sc. (Agr.)
Propagation Manager

Ext. 105

Brent Forbes R.P.F.
Propagation Forester
Ext. 162

Claudia Oliveira
Senior Sales and Administration
Ext. 164