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We take the job of Afforestation very seriously.

Whether it's the seedlings, the service or the professional advice, Somerville Seedlings will ensure you have the right seedlings as you make your "little corner of the world" a better place for future generations. We are proud not only of our products, but of the strong kinship promoted between Somerville Seedlings and its customers.

As we continue to strengthen our product quality and integrity, and help our community partners make the best decisions they can while improving the environment around us, Somerville Seedlings will be undertaking a few new initiatives such as:

  • Updates in Cultural Practices
  • New Product Lines
  • Educational Workshops
  • Engaging Local Community Tree Planting Partners
  • New Community Partnerships

We thank our customers who are already involved and working with us on a few of these initiatives. We all know how important it is to collaborate, encourage each other and invite others who share our common interests.

As always, thank you for taking the time to view our new website. Please send us feedback - it helps us deliver the best product and service.

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