Conservation Authority and Planting Agency
  • Somerville Seedlings is dedicated to growing high quality native tree seedlings to Ontario's Conservation Authority's and private planting delivery agents.
  • We work closely with the 50 Million Tree Program as their largest supplier of tree seedlings, producing 1.5 million seedlings per year for the program.

To learn more about the Conservation Authorities and Planting Agencies in your area please click here

Commercial Grower
Nursery Stock Producers
  • Somerville Seedlings offers a range of native and non-native seedlings for use as liner stock for the commercial nursery grower.
  • We are currently developing a seedling product line more tailored for this purpose. Please contact us if you're interested - your input is essential.
Christmas Tree Growers
  • Somerville Seedlings is dedicated to growing the best Christmas tree seedlings, not only for our Christmas tree grower customers but for our own company as well.
  • Somerville Nurseries Inc is Ontario's largest Christmas tree grower, producing 130,000 Christmas trees per year.
Private Landowner
  • Whether you have 1 acre or 100 acres, Somerville Seedlings has the right seedlings for you.
  • We grow source specific stock. This means our seedlings are grown from local seed collected by Ontario Certified Seed Collectors, so you know the quality seedlings you're getting are the right choice for your back yard, or back 40.
Special Interest Group
  • Somerville Seedlings grow the perfect seedlings that different organizations need for their group or community planting projects. Scouts, Lions Club, 4H, Lake Associations - whatever your organization, we'd like to see you planting our seedlings.
  • Somerville Seedlings offer a great product for any fundraising project your may have. We offer a variety of tree seedling species to help you achieve your goal.

Our customers are as wide ranging and diverse as the tree seedlings we offer.

Some are small property owners with a passion to create a forest landscape or windbreak using a mix of native trees.

Some are large conservation groups planting thousands of trees to restore and replenish a sensitive watershed.

Others are commercial growers supplying Ontarians with Christmas trees or larger trees for the urban landscape.

Whatever your goals are we hope you see yourself as one of our customers.