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This past week we lost a great friend and colleague – John Macham.

John was part of our Seedling family; a ‘brother-in-arms’, an honest and humble co-worker and mentor. He had been working for Somerville’s since 1996 – before there was a ‘Somerville Seedlings’ – and was, in many ways, the cornerstone of our operations.

Some of you may have known John from time spent picking up seedlings in the spring. He was our main operator during spring shipping and was often the first person you’d see coming in the door. He’d load you up with trees and wish you well until the next pick-up. He understood what you’d be getting yourself into – he’d been there once, too.

We relied on John’s experience and keen observation every day, week, year… His intelligence, dedication and experience helped make this business what it is today.

We hope the best for his family. We will all need some time to get up the next step, but we’ll get there. John was a good man.

Rest in Peace, You Will be Greatly Missed.
John Macham 1952-2018

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