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White Pine Seed Orchard

Fast growing, large tree. Grows best in moist sandy loam soils, but will tolerate heavier soils. Shade tolerance is moderate/low, however young trees benefit from mild/moderate shade. Good lumber tree. Blister rust, tip weevil, deer browsing considerations are needed for successful plantings. Can be regenerated from seed. Responds well to regular thinning over 200+ year lifespan.

Age: 3+0

Amount Price
100-250: $1.21
300-950: $.85
1000: $.59

Height: 15-30cm
Availability: Sold Out
Seed Source: 34,37

Age: J+1.5

Amount Price
100-250: $1.40
300-950: $.96
1000: $.70

Height: 15-35cm
Availability: Limited
Seed Source: 34


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