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Care and Handling

Care and Handling


Preplant Seedling Care

Bareroot Tree Seedlings are sensitive, living organisms requiring air, water and nutrients to survive and grow. They can be exposed to stress or injury during the harvesting, handling and planting operations. Once harvested, they have limited reserves of moisture and nutrients. Plant stress is cumulative and must be minimized if the tree planting project is to be successful. Moisture loss, temperature fluctuations, rough handling and improper storage are the primary factors contributing to planting failures. The nurseryman and the tree planter must do everything possible to promote good stock handling and planting practises.

Here are some helpful tips:

• Plant your seedlings immediately, if possible.

Short term storage. Seedling can be stored in a cool, dry (but not below freezing) place, protected from the elements, for 2 or 3 days. Allow for air circulation and do not stack containers.

Long term storage. Refrigerated storage at 2-3 degrees C. can extend storage time for up to two to three weeks. Monitor stock conditions during storage. Deciduous species can be heeled-in loosely in a trench with their roots well covered with soil and watered regularly until required for planting. Plant the trees before the buds break.

On-site storage. Determine how trees will be stored at the planting site before picking

up the seedlings. The trees must be protected from sun and wind at all times. When

removing the seedlings from the package, dip the roots in water before placing the

seedlings in the planting bucket.

Planting Arrangement and Spacing

The spacing and arrangement of your planting will be critical to achieving your specific objectives. Commercial forestry, Christmas tree and Nursery planting demand straight regimented rows with equal and appropriate spacing to meet the desired objective. The row width spacing is strongly influenced by the necessity to conduct mowing, spraying or harvest operations. Most commercial forest production plantations have 7 to 8 foot wide rows and 6 to 7 foot spacing in the row. Christmas tree spacing is usually 6 or 7 feet between rows and 5 to 6 foot spacing in the row. Ornamental nursery production spacing must be geared to the size of the product to be grown and the harvest method. Conservation, recreation and wildlife planting can be much less regimented in the pattern of planting and in the mixing of species. If you do not like the appearance of rows and are not concerned about access between the trees, give your plantation a more natural appearance by planting trees in a random pattern. In general however spacing of 6 to 8 feet between trees is still suitable.

Choosing Seedlings or Transplants

Choosing Seedlings or Transplants

Age Class Description

A tree seedling is described by its age and how it was produced. Stock types are expressed as a two-part code, with the parts separated by a plus sign (e.g. 3+0, 2+2). The first number, or fraction, represents the number of years the stock has grown in a seedbed; the second digit, or fraction, represents the number of additional years spent in a transplant bed. Adding the two numbers gives the tree’s total age.

Seedling Attributes

Seedlings germinate from seed sown directly into nursery seedbeds and remain in the same nursery bed from one to four years until ready for harvesting for field planting. Seedlings are significantly smaller, with less heft than their transplant counterparts. They require more intensive post planting care and attention but can be an inexpensive planting option on prepared sites where weeds and grass competition will be managed and water or irrigation is available.

Transplant Attributes

Transplants are produced by harvesting small bareroot seedlings from high-density seedbeds, grading them to standards and replanting them into low-density beds where they will continue to grow for an additional period of time. Transplants have a lower top-to-root ratio, a more fibrous root system, a larger stem diameter and are more heavily branched than seedlings of the same age. These factors contribute greatly to their increased survival and post-planting performance. They are sized to match the more difficult planting sites most of our customers are familiar with. Transplants may tolerate less intensive vegetation control after field planting but survival and performance is enhanced by post planting maintenance.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Weather and soil conditions influence when we are able to start our seedling harvesting operations. Our bare root seedlings will be available for planting from late-April to mid-May when soil conditions are ideal for planting. Our customer service will contact you to schedule your seedling pickup shortly after harvest begins

Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are F.O.B. our nursery at Everett, ON. A packaging charge of 3% of the subtotal for orders over $400.00 or $12.00 for orders under $400.00 is applied to all orders. Prices do no include HST, shipping or order packaging charge. Personal pick up is recommended.

Due to the high cost of preparing small orders, the minimum order size is 100 trees. The minimum quantity per species and size is 50.

Price breaks are based on the quantity of each species and plant size, not the total quantity for the entire order.

Prices in effect until May 17, 2019.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


All seedling orders require a 25% deposit to reserve stock with the net balance due before April 1. Orders placed after April 1, require full payment at time of order placement. Requests for orders that do not satisfy these terms will not be considered orders.


We take pride in our nursery stock and our growing experience of over 40 years. We warrant to deliver species true to name, and will replace, upon proof, anything that is otherwise, or refund original price. We guarantee trees to be alive and in good, healthy condition when they leave our nursery. Total liability is limited to the purchase price of the seedlings, but not more than that amount.

Conditions of Sale

All orders are accepted subject to weather, errors in inventory or any other reason beyond our control. We reserve the right to refund all or any part of payment made.


Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include HST, shipping or order packaging charge. All prices are F.O.B. the nursery. Due to the high cost of producing small orders our minimum order is 100 trees. The minimum order for each variety and size is 50. Quantity price breaks are based on the quantities of each species and size and not the quantity of the entire order. Larger orders may be eligible for "dollar volume discounts".


Seedlings are very perishable. We encourage personal pick up at the nursery. To help us serve you better and to ensure the availability of your order, please call at least three days prior to your pick up date to schedule a pick up appointment.


Shipments are F.O.B. our nursery. Shipments to Ontario addresses only. Whenever possible, we ship according to customer designation. Please include your name and full address, as carriers do not deliver to P.O. Box numbers. Remember your shipment date will be different from your arrival date. We try to avoid shipping trees on any such date that would result in them sitting in a terminal over the weekend. All shipments are at the buyer's own risk. Our liabilities cease upon delivery to carrier. Breakage or spoilage claims due to transit should be immediately made to the transportation company. Any claims for deductions or error must be made within five days of receipt of shipment.

Reductions / Cancellations

Orders cancelled before March 1, will forfeit 20% of the deposit or $25.00 whichever is greater. Orders cancelled on or after March 1, will forfeit entire deposit. Orders will be adjusted based on what you have actually committed as of this date. Your order can be increased based on seedling availability at the time of your call.


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